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Rich cultural reserve and heritage of the Region of Central Macedonia:

λαχανοντολμαδες αργυρω βιντεο The archaeological sites where Alexander the Great and his teacher Aristotle, the Greatest Philosopher of all times lived and changed the mankind history.

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From the Seashore to the Mountain of the Gods

γεωγραφια ε' ταξη λυσεις Follow the European Long Distance Path Ε4, and gauge you strength; Choose one of the nine shelters on Mt. Olympus to set off from, and attempt to conquer Mytikas Summit, at an altitude of 2,917m.

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  • Dusko Popovski
    The Region of Central Macedonia is one of the most beautiful region in Europe, with unique charm and wonderful natural beauty.
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    Dusko Popovski
    μονάδα μελέτης ύπνου
  • Osvaldo MUFFO
    The experience during visit to the beautiful region 'was fantastic. I did discover an area of Greece unknown to me, and it 'was a love at first sight! Ι got to know a fantasy world where natural beauty and wealth of archeoligi and mythological sites are a perfect combination for an unforgettable vacation.
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    Osvaldo MUFFO
    συγγρου φιξ map
  • Eduard Ivascu
    It is a pleasure for me to write a few words regarding the very nice trip I had, in October 2013, in Central Macedonia, at your Department invitation. It was a memorable experience and my testimonial is just the reflection of this fact.
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    ευα ζαχαριου facebook
    μαρίκα μητσοτάκη σταύρος δήμας Deputy Editor in Chief | ‘PUTEREA’ Daily Newspaper

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